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Things you need to know...
  • Post-graduation in cardiovascular & thoracic surgery / vascular surgery and currently working at the department of vascular surgery of public / autonomous institutes, and/ or practices vascular surgery.
  • Post-graduation in surgery and have been working at the department of vascular surgery for more than 3 years (membership will be automatically cancelled if she / he leaves the department of vascular surgery for reasons other than retirement).
  • He or she may belong to one of two categories:
    • Founding Member: Member who joined the Society at the time of formation by paying BDT 5000.
    • Life Member: Member who has paid a life subscription of BDT 6000.
  • Fee: BDT 1,000/-
    • a. Working at the department of vascular surgery without post-graduation.
    • b. Post-graduation in surgery and allied not working in vascular surgery.
  • An individual considered suitable and desirable by the General Body may be enrolled as an Honorary Member.
  • Fee: USD 300/-
    • Society members of vascular surgery in a country outside of Bangladesh who practices the science and art of vascular surgery is eligible for membership in this category. He or She may be a Life Member.

Membership Application Form

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